Australian Progress coordinates an extraordinary selection of coaches, mentors and trainers to work with Labs founders throughout the program. Here's a selection who worked with our first two cohorts.

Anita Tang.jpg

Anita Tang

Campaign coach

Sam Mclean.jpg

Sam Mclean

Strategy coach

John Spierings.jpg

John Spierings

Pitch coach

Tracey Spicer.jpg

Tracey Spicer

Media trainer

Renee Carr 3.jpg

Renee Carr

Strategy coach

Helga Svendsen.jpg

Helga Svendsen

Governance coach

Nick Crocker.jpg

Nick Crocker

Pitch coach

Lisa and Nick.jpg

Lisa Lewin

Finance coach

Ruth Johnstone.jpg

Ruth Johnstone

Pitch coach

Jenny Kent.jpg

Jenny Kent

Voice coach

Col Duthie.jpg

Col Duthie

Pitch coach

Julian Pocock.jpg

Julian Pocock

Pitch coach

Samantha Loff.jpg

Samantha Loff

Legal support

Kirsty Albion.jpg

Kirsty Albion


Bec Wilson.jpeg

Rebecca Wilson

Strategy coach

Anyone else?.png


Coach? Trainer?

Nick Moraitis.jpg

Nick Moraitis

Strategy coach

Elise Dalley.jpeg

Elise Dalley

Progress Labs Director

Would you like to be involved?

Right now we're seeking expressions of interest from mentors, coaches and facilitators who are interested in supporting the founders in cohort 2. If you're interested, please get in touch with us via