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Council for Single Mothers and their Children

Jenny Davidson

The Council of Single Mothers and their Children (CSMC) is a proven organisation looking to revitalise the way they work to build people power and advocate for single mothers. The CSMC advocate for the rights of single mothers, and offer direct support on financial security, affordable housing, mental health and wellbeing, flexible work and legal protection. Watch the pitch >

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Lee Strike, Cat Nadel and Alex Fuller

YOUNG are building the power of young people to win campaigns for a fairer future. They're independent and led by young people, campaigning across issues for young people and building grassroots power. It's their vision to connect more young people to the democratic process - in the next year they'll mobilise 100,000 campaigners, training 1,000 leaders and give voice to 200 media spokespeople. Watch the pitch >

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Digital Rights Watch

Tom Sulston

Formed in 2016, Digital Rights Watch exists to strategically defend Australians' privacy and human rights in the digital era. Advocating for a free and open internet, DWR are working to end government surveillance, introduce copyright reforms and social media platform responsibility. They run campaigns, produce robust policy, provide media commentary and host events that build support for a framework to protect human rights online. Watch the pitch >

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Unharm + Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Nevena Spirovska, Ash Blackwell, Will Tregoning, Nick Kent and Gulliver McLean

Unharm, with the support of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, are mobilising people who use drugs, alongside the health, legal and academic sectors to end punishment and stigma around drug use. It's their vision to shift the way we think about drugs and create a community that values the health, safety and freedom of everyone. Watch the pitch >

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Tania Sincock

Too much added sugar not only increases our risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, it impacts our sleep, reduces the ability of our brain to focus and can impact the behaviour of our kids. Sugar by Half are working to cut our added sugar intake in half by campaigning for improved labelling, reformulation of foods containing sugar, restrictions on junk food marketing and a levy on sugary drinks. Watch the pitch >