Democracy works best when people
step up and speak out.

But when it comes to making big decisions, the balance of power too often tips against Australians experiencing disadvantage or those from marginalised communities.

We need to re-boot and revitalise civic participation, and that's why we launched Progress Labs - Australia's first dedicated social movement incubator.

Progress Labs is a partnership between Australian Progress and the Australian Council of Social Service, and will support dozens of new initiatives in the coming years. This means powerful and compelling new organisations engaging hundreds of thousands of Australians, and building fairer and more forward-looking Australia.


It's our goal to help founders hone their strategy and story, raise the funding they need to focus on their projects, and achieve their vision - faster.


To do this, we offer:

  • Pitch and fundraising support

  • Office space

  • An intensive colocation period for strategic business development

  • Admin, governance, legal and accounting support,

  • Design, technology and creative partnerships,

  • Hands-on coaching and connections to potential donors and mentors

  • A cohort of incredible leaders, each with a bold vision for change